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The Super Mousse by Chiarini.

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About the product

"Create" by Chiarini: The Super Mousse.

An innovative food ingredient created by Food Engineer and Award Winning Chef. Gianfranco Chiarini.
Professional chefs, and basically anyone who loves to cook, struggle continuously with challenges involving transforming and manipulating food. This product enables cooks to make mousses without cream, or gelatin, or eggs in seconds.
  It's also Gluten Free, Halal, Kosher, Vegan!

Mousses & Soufflés

Eradicates the need to make mousses and souffles with gelatin, eggs, cream, gluten and/or any other product that could be a potential allergen.

Cheese Mimic & Fillings

No need to worry if you too little or no cheese at all to fill your ravioli, tortellini or any other food that may need cheese filling. Add TSM and move on.

Pastry Applications

Crème Pâtissière is a creamy custard thickened with flour (containing gluten) and dairy, crucial for French desserts. Achieve the same without allergens.

Thickening of Soups

The flavor is perfect, it's almost there, but that sauce or that soup is just too thin. Avoid wasting time with reductions or affecting the flavour.

Cocktails & Mixology

The new generation of fine cocktails are “Puree Cocktails”. This means bringing a thick smooth texture to your cocktail. Luckily, we make it easy.

Senior Food Popular!

Many seniors complain that some of their supplements are hard to digest, or eat at all. With TSM, Create food perfectly suited to their situation.

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Claims: Natural, Gluten Free, Kosher, Halal, Vegan
Values: Energy 493kcal/118kJ
Active Ingrediants: Starch & Fibre

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